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Microsoft Platform: The end-to-end tool businesses aren’t making the most of

Microsoft Platform: Your end-to-end business solution

Most businesses utilise Microsoft for its Office tool suite and for the increasingly popular teamwork hub, Microsoft Teams. But what many don’t know (or don’t utilise) is that the Microsoft platform offers an end-to-end business tool, supporting everything from accounting, to CRM, to on-site data capture. You don’t need to be investing in various disparate tools, with Microsoft’s vast capabilities and easy add-ons, you can access a truly integrated solution that services all your needs.


What you need, when you need it

Each organisation is different. You will have unique needs, structures, and budgets. Microsoft offers peace of mind in knowing that you can buy tool licenses as and when you need them. On top of this, when it does come time to expand, you can increase licenses and introduce new capabilities and products from within the Microsoft platform, enabling smooth growth with integrated products. No need to add on disparate tools with clunky connections! When you make the most of Microsoft platform, you can scale easily, smoothly, and on your timeline.

Dynamics 365: More than a replacement for Sage

One clear example of the power of Microsoft as a platform of tools is Microsoft’s CRM and ERP tool, Dynamics 365. Investing in Dynamics is not about simply replacing tools such as Sage and Pegasus, it is about investing in Microsoft as a full solution. Investing in Dynamics is about investing in a singular platform that seamlessly connects data, tools, processes, and people. See the integration of Microsoft Teams communication tools in Dynamics and the visibility of Dynamics data within Teams or the integration of the data within Microsoft Dynamics with the automation and business intelligence and analytics capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform. These tools speak to and within one another, offering a connected end-to-end solution and a united and consistent working experience.

Data is king

Data is quickly becoming established as the most important tool a business can have. It allows us to identify process bottlenecks, cultivate improved customer experiences, understand market trends, and so much more. With Microsoft’s powerful and easy-to-integrate automation, app, and business intelligence tools, Power Apps, Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow), and Power BI, it is easier than ever to champion data and the informed decision making it empowers. Microsoft offers and end-to-end solution where data can be centralised, shared, visualised, and analysed across various tools. This is accessible to those working remotely on the go, or in the office, supporting efficient and flexible processes that are perfectly suited to modern working.

Better together

As this blog has highlighted, the appeal of Microsoft products is that you are simply investing in singular capabilities, instead you are accessing a connected, end-to-end tool; one in which each part can support and enhance another. Your digital partner should be a part of and a support to this united solution as well. Microsoft is a tool many already have and utilise through the Office suite and Teams, but one that is oft underutilised. A Gold Microsoft Partner, like Unifi, can offer a depth of knowledge and experience with Microsoft’s individual capabilities and end-to-end potential to help you implement an intelligent and easy-to-use solution that fits your organisation’s unique structure, needs, and budget.

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