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Dynamics Sales

The workplace tool providing sales teams with powerful, real-time insights

The tool transforming sales processes

Dynamics Sales was designed to support businesses in understanding their customers, building stronger relationships, and improving both the buying and selling experience. With a data-driven single workspace, sales teams can easily gain real-time insights into their customers and provide more thoughtful and personal experiences. By understanding your buyers and customers, you can build a trusting relationship, encouraging customers to invest in your brand long-term.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed to streamline and enhance the sales process for businesses.

Work your way

Within Dynamics Sales users can access data, insights, process flows, and outlook exchanges all within a single workspace, meaning any tools they require are always close at hand, helping them maintain concentration and maximise productivity. With a mobile-friendly interface and the ability to capture notes using mobile forms, voice-to-text, or camera features, users can work flexibly, at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Empower your team

With the ability to share and access customer data and insights from within Microsoft Teams, Dynamics Sales not only empowers sellers, it empowers teams. Teams can easily communicate and collaborate referring to a singular, data-driven source of truth, meaning making informed decisions is simple.

Lighten your workload

AI-powered tools, such as in-call conversation intelligence that identifies customers’ emotion, sentiment, and priorities, can support sales teams in cultivating personalised experiences that more accurately reflect what the customer is seeking. Additionally, Sales Force Automation can offer easy visibility into customer pipelines, streamlining leads and opportunity data and tasks into a single view, making keeping track of potential customers a significantly easier affair.

Embrace your wider toolkit

Dynamics Sales unites data from across Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This allows sales teams to make faster and better-informed decisions triggered by real-time insights. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, users can more easily locate and connect with key decision makers; keeping this process within Dynamics streamlines the customer research process, boosting efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a powerful CRM solution that empowers sales teams with tools for automation, insights, and collaboration, ultimately enhancing their ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships.

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