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Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Discover how Dynamics 365 can support manufacturers in optimising their operations

What does Dynamics 365 help manufacturing businesses achieve?

In process-heavy industries, like manufacturing, digital innovations have made and will continue to make enormous impacts on efficiency and competitive standings. Affordable, cloud-based business solutions, such as Dynamics 365, make transformative tools accessible to manufacturing SMEs who may be working with a smaller budget, empowering them to innovate and reimagine their outdated processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers specific benefits to manufacturing businesses, helping them enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and make informed decisions.

Unite and optimise operations

Within manufacturing supply chains can span across multiple organisations, making it hard to access a real-time, end-to-end view of business operations. Dynamics 365 works to unite people, processes, and data, providing the end-to-end overview that may previously have been missing. The unification of these factors in Dynamics 365, a cloud-based and mobile friendly platform, supports efficient remote and hybrid working. By centralising information, a single source of truth is created allowing for any actions driven from this data, such as schedule or budget creation, to yield a more accurate end result.

React to market changes quickly

Dynamics 365 offers access to real-time data analytics, helping manufacturers identify areas in need of innovation or optimisation, factors that are draining their budgets, and trends or changes in the market. With streamlined processes and efficient collaboration achieved through the integration of Microsoft 365’s business tools and Dynamics 365, manufacturers can capitalise on trends, supporting improved profits.

Improve customer experience

There’s no questioning that in the age of instant gratification customer expectations have changed; customers expect fast, informed, and personalised communication. With Dynamics 365, business and customer data is unified, centralised, and easily available to customer service agents, supporting them in providing a first-class, personalised customer experience.

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