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Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Teams: Uniting your business applications with your hub for daily operations

With 250 million monthly active users as of July 2021, Microsoft Teams has certainly established itself as the hub for daily operations within most businesses. With millions of employees starting their day by opening teams, it becomes greatly beneficial to make additional capabilities available and shareable within Teams. That’s precisely what Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers.

To offer a brief summary, Microsoft Dynamics is a cloud-based portfolio of business applications, including ERP and CRM tools, that works to support businesses in streamlining their operations and accessing real-time insight and visibility into their organisation, processes, and customers.

Microsoft understands that constantly switching between applications can be both frustrating and a productivity-killer, working to establish seamless integration between Dynamics and Teams. Users can both access Dynamics capabilities and resources from within Teams and access Teams chat and collaboration tools from within Dynamics, reducing the need to continually switch between these applications. This not only encourages more efficient operations, but also supports stronger communication and collaboration between departments. For example, marketing departments can easily share the insights they have gained within Microsoft Dynamics on demand generation with sales teams, facilitating faster and more informed sales cycles. Additionally, the ease of sharing the information gather and unified with Dynamics, makes keeping shareholders up to date a simpler affair – this can even be done using automatic notifications!

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics and Teams offers 4 key benefits:

  • - The ability to invite anyone in your organisation to view and collaborate on Dynamics records from within Teams chats and channels, encouraging connected and engaged teams.
  • - The ability to meet, call, chat, and collaborate from within Dynamics as well as capture notes directly within Teams calls that will automatically save to your Dynamics 365 record, supporting collaborative digital selling.
  • - The unification of people, data, and processes, allowing teams to put collaboration in context, with real-time data available at their fingertips and AI-driven insights available to offer actionable next steps.
  • - A simple-yet-powerful solution for keeping teams and shareholders up to date with strong reporting and KPI tools (e.g. Power BI reports).

With 86% of executives and workers claiming that a lack of collaboration – or ineffective communication – is the top reason for failure in the workplace, the importance of a tool that unites both data and processes and individuals and departments, like Microsoft Dynamics is clear. Particularly with hybrid working becoming the norm, organisations need tools that can facilitate easy and efficient collaboration regardless of the geographical location of its teams, embracing the new way of working.

Unifi’s group of friendly and passionate specialists work to help you successfully implement Dynamics 365 within your organisation. To find out more about how Unifi could help support you, reach out through our contact page or via the form below.

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