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Dynamics for Wholesale & Distribution

Discover how Dynamics 365 can support wholesale and distribution organisations in optimising their operations

What does Dynamics 365 help wholesale & distribution businesses achieve?

For wholesale and distribution businesses, efficiency is key. Dynamics 365 offers management systems that are easy to use and can streamline and automate processes, making this the perfect tool for those in wholesale and distribution.

Dynamics 365 helps wholesale and distribution businesses achieve streamlined operations, improved customer relationships, and better overall efficiency in managing their supply chain and business processes.

Understand your customers

With strong, data-powered dashboards supporting the understanding of real-time customer behaviours and highlighting of behavioural trends, wholesalers can begin to forecast customer demand more accurately. This stronger understanding of customer needs and behaviours can help inform next actions and build brand loyalty and trust.

Manage your warehouse

Dynamics 365 equips businesses with the ability to manage and automate warehouse processes from a single, centralised business tool. Processes such as inventory replenishment requests can be automated simply, keeping operations moving efficiently. This can be supported with barcode solutions such as Tasklet, a mobile scanning solution built to work seamlessly with Dynamics 365.

Empower your employees

Knowledge is power. Dynamics 365 allows users to have information available at the click of a button, empowering them to own their processes and work efficiently. Call centre agents can use customer views and real-time insights to inform and personalise their interactions, decision makers can use demand forecasts to inform their strategy, and all users can use simple drag-and-drop tools to automate their manual, repetitive processes.

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